Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Benji Marshall

Benji Marshall wants to play on for another two to three years. At 31, he is not one of the oldest players in the comp, and he was a key player for the Dragons last year. Ironically, the guy that is likely to replace him, Cooper Cronk, is actually older. But Cronk is now, without dispute, one of the best, most influential players in the game. Benji is not up in that class.

It would be surprising if Benji did not attract some interest fron other clubs. Why wouldn't the Gold Coast for instance be keen? He'd be perfect to help bring through a young half. Maybe the Warriors would be interested - presumably they won't retain Jeff Robson next year and a Marshall/Johnson half pairing would be fun and great for off-field publicity, although Lolohea will hopefully have developed into a regular first-grader by then.

But I guess what I wonder is if Marshall should really be seeking to extend his career much more. He is not the player he was with the jinks and sidesteps, amazing passes and pace. Should someone who was the star of his generation slowly fade away? Or go out while those memories are still fresh? It is not as if he has no future off-field - he clearly has a media career ahead of him if he wants it, and also has the makings of a coach, with his thoughtful approach to the game.

Am I the only one who thinks Benji talking about the game next year might be a better option than see him slowly get slower and slower...

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